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Organize Your Closet
with Outfit Selfies

Find something to wear, plan your looks,
track what you wore, and remember all of
the amazing looks you have put together!

The App

It's Like Online Shopping
in Your Own Closet

You can set up your Lookbook to search your looks by Rating, Weather, Fit, Attire, Event, when last worn, and just about anything else with keywords. For example:

Want to see all of your looks by a certain designer, such as Chanel?
Do a keyword search for “Chanel.”

Need a dressy, 5-star look to wear to work on a hot day when you want to be comfortable?
Filter by Rating, Attire, Event, Weather, and Fit.

Can't remember what you like to wear with your red floral pencil skirt?
Do a keyword search for "Red floral pencil skirt."

Want to make sure you don't wear the same thing you wore the last time you saw Oliver?
Search “Oliver.”


1) Snap an outfit selfie whenever you're wearing a look you like.
2) Add the details that you want to track. For example, if you want to be able to search by Rating, add a rating each time you add a look.

Before you know it, you'll have a personal wardrobe assistant that helps you look stylish every day, saves you time and money, and gives you a whole new way to have fun with fashion!

What is important in a dress is the woman wearing it.



What Where When

1. What's the best way to take an "outfit selfie?"
With a phone tripod and a remote shutter or an extra long selfie stick. If you need better lighting, a light wand can also be helpful. If you're short on time, lay your looks out on a bed, table, or the floor for a quick pic, then take your outfit selfie later.
2. Can I organize my looks by designer, color, or trend?
Yes! You can set up your lookbook to search by just about anything. Just add your custom keywords in a look's Items or Notes/Tags sections or in calendar Wear Notes. See Personal Lookbook Tips & Help to learn more. (Tips also available in the app).
3. How much does Personal Lookbook cost?
$3.99 for up to 700 looks. No subscription, no additional in-app purchases.
4. Can I give Personal Lookbook as a gift?
Yes! Just open the App Store and search for "Personal Lookbook." Tap it to open it, then tap the SHARE button at the top right. Then tap the GIFT button.

Use your favorite photo editor from your iPhone's gallery, then 'share' your photo to Personal Lookbook. When you return to Personal Lookbook, your new photo(s) will be added.



Fashion and the way we look are a part of our human condition. It’s tribal and social and personal. I don’t think it’s superficial; it’s quite profound.



Making Your Mornings More Manageable & Your Fashion More Fun

  • Julia



  • Dave



  • Page



The average woman spends about one year of her life trying to find something to wear.

Personal Lookbook is driven by our love for fashion: dresses, shoes, jewelry, colors, textures, shapes, and how it all interplays with people’s bodies, personalities and lives.

But as much as we all love fashion, sometimes we don’t have time to stop and feel the cashmere. Sometimes we just need to get out the door looking good, like, 10 minutes ago.

Our mission at Personal Lookbook is to give you a whole new way to play with fashion while also getting you out the door looking good, like, 10 minutes ago. To give you more time in your days, more ease in your mornings, and more fun in your fashion.

Personal Lookbook was created in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area by Julia Skuratowicz, Dave Skuratowicz, Page Kurnie, and their amazingly creative, smart, and beautiful team. They have made apps, websites, and other digital projects for Google, Apple, DVF/NY Fashion Week, Paul McCartney, and Nike (but Personal Lookbook is their favorite).

Julia can be reached at julia@personallookbook.com.